A motorbike is all you need in Cat Ba, Vietnam – A day Tour around the Island

Renting a bike, the best choice in Vietnam

Renting a motorbike and discovering the Island of Cat Ba in Vietnam is definitely a must do. In general, the first choice in Vietnam is a motorcycle to go around the city or in my case on the island. It costs around 50.000 to 100.000 VND (1,75 – 3,50 Euro) to rent a bike for one day and the Gas you must be bought by yourself which is also cheap. To ride around 100 km, it costs 40.000 – 80.000 VND (1,5 – 3 Euro).

Cat Ba Island

So, on the first day on the Island, I rented a bike for 3 days. Nobody asks you for a driving license or any other paper they just hand me the key and I was good to go. It was my fist time on such a bike, I only drove one for 5 minutes illegally in Luxemburg before. However, after 5 minutes I got used to it and could handle the bike perfectly.

A day tour around the island

Cat Ba island is a small island, about 25 km long and 10 km width, with only 2 main roads. Both roads go from the city to a Harbor, and they are either alongside the beach or through a forest. I started at 11 am and decided to see where the road will take me without a real plan. To navigate I used google maps and for the rest, it’s very simple because there are only these 2 roads, so you can’t go wrong once you’re on the right path. Once out of the city there are very few cars, and motorbikes and the roads are pretty ok – perfect driving conditions.

Cat Ba Island

Woodstock in Vietnam?

After driving for about 45 minutes (always with stops to take photos and enjoy the view), I found a little beach and next to it a restaurant. It was, in fact, a Hostel called Woodstock. And the name was not randomly chosen. People inside remembered me of Hippies with long Rastas and Tattoos all over the body, and to my surprise, they smoked weed on the terrace of the restaurant. As the menu looked good and I was hungry, I decided to have a burger there. It appeared that people can “legally” smoke weed there, and they have life music every evening. Nothing for me, but indeed an exciting place for some groups of people.

Cat Ba IslandWoodstock HostelWoodstock HostelWoodstock Hostel

Beautiful roads and nature

Back on my bike, I drove to the West of the Island alongside the cost. It was sweltering, so I took off my T-shirt, and you can’t believe how good this feeling was. Driving topless on beautiful streets alongside beaches and rock formations without any people – with fresh air to breath in and the sun shining on your shoulders – that’s what I call freedom!

Cat Ba IslandCat Ba IslandCat Ba IslandCat Ba Island

Caves on the Island

After I reached the west of the island, I decided to also take the middle road through the middle of the island. I reached another seaside of the island, and on the way back I visited some caves. They are free of admission, and you can walk through them. My height of 1,90 meters was not favorable but, on my knees, I managed to pass every part. The Island also has a National Park with a particular sort of monkeys, but I hadn’t any more time to visit it. I took my bike and drove home to my Hotel to have a shower and see the sunset from a rooftop bar. Good food for dinner and the day was perfect!  

Cat Ba IslandCat Ba Island

  • Total countries I visited until now: 29


  • Planes: 4
  • Busses: 14
  • Trains: 12
  • Boots: 4
  • Km running: 550
  • Drinks: 48

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