A guide for the best food experience in Bangkok

Bangkok is truly a food lover Paradise – fantastic food wherever you look, Thai Food and international Food – the choices are endless. But where can you find the best Food? Which places offer a wide variety and where is it cheap? Here is a guide for your best food experience in Bangkok.

Street food

Street food is everywhere; it is cheap and good. In 99% of the cases, it’s Thai Food, and all the traditional dishes can be found here. In some places, you have Street food stalls together, which forms a kind of a market; in other cases, you can see Street food vendors randomly on a corner. 7eleven shops are always popular places where Street food vendors gather around.

Food Bangkok
Chicken and rice

Next, to my Airbnb flat, I had a market during lunch time, which offered all kinds of Street food, from Pad Thai over noodle soup and Chicken with rice. People from the surrounding businesses came and ate there. But in general, it’s hard to miss Street food in Bangkok – it is everywhere.

Probably the most famous place where you can find Street food is Khaosan Road and Rambuttri Alley. Prices are slightly higher here as it is mostly there for tourists, but that doesn’t mean its lower quality. If you like to be more surrounded by locals, then you should try the Night market in Silom.

Most Street food Stalls only open in the evening and only in business districts you can find a lot of street food for lunchtime. Other then in other countries the Street food in Thailand is super clean, and the hygiene Standards are high here.

Food Bangkok

My favorite is, of course, Pad Thai but also all the fresh fruits you can find around. These fruit vendors often wander around and ring their bell. If you fancy a snack, a pineapple for 20 THB is the best you can get.

Prices for Street food are as low as it gets. Pad Thai with Chicken for 60 THB, pineapple for 20 THB, Chicken with rice for 50 THB and a Roti for 60 THB. You can overeat for about 150 THB.

The reason why Street food is so good is mostly that these people prepare only one dish all their life, every day hundreds of times – they can only be experts in what they do.

Night markets

Things to do in Bangkok Ratchada Train market

Night markets offer mostly an enormous variety of Street food and attract tons of people. There is not much difference between the traditional street food except that the stores can’t be moved, and people have their fixed place. There are so many night markets in Bangkok; you would need weeks to visit them all. But the thing I love so much about them is that every night market is different and has its character. Every market has different Food, and most of them also offer a shopping experience with cloth and souvenir shops. The bigger markets also have some bars and are the hotspot for young Thai people.

Things to do in Bangkok Chang Chui Plane night market

The food choice in these markets is often overwhelming, and it’s tough not to overeat. I recommend walking once around and check what you want instead of regretting later that you are too full to try an amazing new thing.

My favorite markets are the Chang Chui Plane night market, the neon night market, the INDY night market, and the train night market.

Prices on these markets are similar to the costs for Street food and for 150 – 200 THB you usually’re fully satisfied.

China town and Kora Town

Things to do in Bangkok Chinatown

If you fancy some Chinese or Korean food, you’ll find it here for sure. These places have a wide range of Chinese or Korean restaurants, from cheap to expensive. My favorite is China town as it has not only Chinese restaurants but also an overwhelming choice of Street food. It is mostly a mix between the chines and the Thai cuisine (Two of the best cuisines in the world mixed together – that can only be good) with a large choice of desserts.

In the restaurant’s prices are obviously a bit higher, and for Korean BBQ the starting price is around 350 THB. The Street food in China town is cheap and here 150 – 200 THB should be more than enough.  

Street food corners in Shopping malls

Things to do in Bangkok Siam ICON

Yeah sounds weird but is the best thing ever. The Thai government and the Thai King set up a rule that every shopping mall needs a Street food court. These food courts are amazing, they have the same Food then on the Street for the same prices and that in a fancy and climatized mall.

To pay you use a card where you top up money and get back the rest at the end. The hygiene standards are a lot higher than on the Street, and everything is clean. The crazy thing about it is that prices are so low that some malls like Terminal 21 even beat the real street food.

The taste of the Food is often not as good as on the Street – I can’t find any better Pad Thai then the one in front of my door, for example. It is, however, still amazing Food, and for a cheap, tasty meal without sweating to death, it’s perfect.

My favorite places are Terminal 21 and the new super Mall of Bangkok – Siam ICON.

In the food court of Terminal 21 prices are even lower than on the Street – you can eat and drink for less than 100 THB, that’s incredible. Elsewhere prices are the same as on the Street and for 150 – 200 THB you’ll be satisfied.

Thai restaurants

Food Bangkok
Egg noodles with chicken

My favorite Thai restaurant is called “have a Zeed” and you can find this restaurant in many shopping malls. Terminal 21 is one of them but bear in mind that it is so popular that you have to queue usually.

Else then that I would recommend eating Street food, on night markets or in the Street food courts in the shopping malls – they have the best Thai Food.

Depending on what you eat, you’ll end up spending 300 – 600 THB in a Thai restaurant.

International Food

Food Bangkok
Omelet for Breakfast in the Coffee Club.

Bangkok hasn’t only amazing Thai Food but also an enormous range of international Food from all over the world; there is probably nothing you can’t find here, and that’s what makes the food experience in this city so diverse and unbeatable.

Most international restaurants serve Japanese, Chines or Korean Food but western Food and Mexican Food can also easily be found here. These restaurants are spread all over the city and range from cheap to expensive. I’ll give you some of my favorite restaurants here:

Burger: There are 2 Burger restaurants which serve incredibly good burgers – 25 degrees and Daniel Thaiger.

Food Bangkok
One of the best Burgers I ever had at the 25 Degrees Burger Bar

Japanese: My favorite restaurant is called Fuji – they have quality Japanese food at low prices.

Food Bangkok
Japanese Restaurant at the shopping Mall Terminal 21

If you fancy sushi and fusion Japanese food, then ISAO is the place to be for you. This restaurant offers high-quality sushi and raw fish dishes. However, you need to prepare yourself for long queues and high prices; I paid 1000 THB for my meal there.

Korean: Else then Korea Town there is one restaurant which offers an all you can eat Korean BBQ for 400 THB, the restaurant is called Jin Saeng.

Food Bangkok
Korean BBQ – probably one of the best meals I ever had.

Italian Food: Wine depot offers amazing Pasta and Pizzas.

Food in Bangkok
At some point, I missed the good Italian food – Spaghetti Bolognese

Just to give you a glimpse on how good the Food in Bangkok is: I worked out EVERY DAY and still gained 3 or 4 KG. That said, I wish you a pleasant time in Bangkok and bring enough appetite with you.

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