8 Things to do in Siargao

Siargao is a surfing paradise with lots of other amazing activities on the Island. The Island is exploding right now with new hotels, restaurants, and bars being build all over the General Luna region. It’s still not overwhelming and a paradise for a surfer with chilled beats dropping in the night and all perfect year-round waves at the Cloud 9 surf spot. Here are my top things to do in Siargao:

Things to do in Siargao

1.    Surfing at the Cloud 9 surfing spot

There are three surfing spots at the same place around the Cloud 9 Pier. Near the beach, beginners can try their luck, left from the pier it’s more for intermediate surfers, and on the right side the pros show off their tricks and jumps. As soon as you enter the parking, a few people will jump at you and ask you for lessons or board rentals. If you plan to stay longer, rent a board for a few days as it gets a lot cheaper. For beginners, I highly recommend taking a teacher as it is super affordable and they are outstanding. Just pay attention to how you fall into the water because the surf spots are on a reef and some rocks are sharp.  

Things to do in Siargao

2.    Do an Island Hopping

Of course, you can do such Island hopping all over the Philippines, and that’s what you should do. Siargao is one of the places where it is a must, and the best way to do it is with a private boat. The boat with the driver will cost you only 1500 Pesos (25 Euros), and it’s for up to 6 people. The driver brings you to 3 different Islands, and you can stay as long as you want. With a tour, you are always tied down to their schedule, and in some cases, it’s even more expensive. A trip will cost you 1100 Pesos per person with food included. For more than 2 people the private boat is always cheaper. 

Things to do in Siargao
Things to do in Siargao
Things to do in Siargao
Things to do in Siargao
Naked Island

3.    Visit the Magpupungko Rockpools

These rock pools are around 1-hour motorbike drive from the General Luna region away and are definitely worth it. If you don’t feel like driving a motorbike, then you have the option to pay a private tricycle driver for the day (Cost: 1700 Pesos). Check the tide times before you leave as these pools are only visible and enjoyable at low tide. Once the tide is low enough, you can walk from the beach to the pools and enjoy a swim in beautiful blue water and jump from the rocks. Entrance fee is 50 Pesos and 5 Pesos for the Motorbike parking.

Things to do in Siargao
Things to do in Siargao

4.    Visit the Tayangban Cave pool

On the way to the Magpupungko Rockpools, you can find the Tayangban Cave pool. Here you need to pay 150 Pesos to get a guided tour through the cave. With a helmet and torch, you walk through a cave and balance your way over the rocks until you end up the other side in a pool with the possibility of a 3-meter jump into the blue water. 

5.    Try the buffet at the Asparas Hotel

The Asparas Hotel is probably one of the better Hotels in Siargao and not in my price range (110 USD for one night). However, it’s totally worth to spend around 500 Pesos to get a proper buffet with new things every day. The Hotel restaurants offer Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. My favorite is the breakfast buffet with everything you need and freshly cooked eggs and omelets.

6.    Try the pizza at Kermit Surf Resort

If you don’t feel like a buffet or local food (although the local cuisine is amazing), you can eat a pizza or pasta at the Kermit Surf Resort. The breakfast at Kermit is good but nothing against the buffet at Asparas Hotel. However, the pizza is as good as it gets and the spaghetti carbonara I had were so tasty.

7.    Watch the sunset at Cloud 9 Pier

Not in the mood for surfing? Or just tired of surfing all day? Cloud 9 is still the place to be in the evening to watch the sunset. The entrance fee is 50 Pesos.

8.    Check out the nightlife around General Luna

As I said, the Island is exploding at the moments, and new things are being built all over the General Luna region. The more tourists come, the bigger the party will be. For the moment there is a least one party every evening in a different location. The music is more chilled, and often live bands are playing. This isn’t particularly my favorite music to dance, but it’s still good to have a drink or meet new and often also local people. If you want to have a dance with your surf instructor – visit the daily hotspot, and all of your instructors will be there.

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