6 Things to do in Sydney on a tight budget

Sydney is a city full of activities and things to do. I spent a total of 5 nights there, and I found it to be the right amount of time. Sydney is a great city, and a lot of different activities can be done there but most of them are expensive and not really for a Backpackers budget. In my List of things to do in Sydney, most are for free. Only the walking tours operate on a tipping system, however that’s not much. So here are my 6 things to do in Sydney on a tight budget.

Sydney on a Budget

1.    Bondi to Coogee Beach walk

For me the best thing to do in Sydney is the Bondi to Coogee walk. Take the bus and drive to the Bondi beach. Here you can have a swim in the ocean if the weather allows it. The waves are perfect for surfing, and the beach is enormous. From there you can start the Bondi to Coogee walk. It will take you two to four hours depending on your walking style and how many stops you do. The scenic of the trail is lovely, all the way you walk alongside the beach or cliffs. On the way you pass some other beaches, a lot quieter then the Bondi beach but as beautiful. Once arrived on the Coogee beach you can take a bus back to the city. Of course, you can also walk the other way around, just as you like it. The only cost you have is the bus from the city to the beach and back, it will cost you about 7 AUD.

Sydney on a Budget

2.    Watch the fireworks at the Darling Harbour on Saturday night

Every Saturday night a firework takes place in the Darling Harbour. It’s a 10 minutes firework on the perfect location. The firework starts at 9pm just next to the Sofitel Hotel. Everyone has seen fireworks in his life, but the site of this one makes it unique. The Darling Harbour is a vibrant place by night with tons of Bars, restaurants and clubs. Hotels like Sofitel light up and transform the area into a relaxed place to have a drink or walk through. Walking through and watching the sunset costs you of course nothing, but even the drinks are not that expensive and because of the high competition you can find some good deals. 

Sydney on a Budget

3.    Participate in a free walking tour at 10.30 am or 14.30 pm

I’m a big fan of these free walking tours and I find the concept pretty good. As Melbourne has also Sydney a free walking tour. The tour is operated by the same organization as the one in Melbourne and is called I’M FREE walking tour. A free map from them can be found in every hostel and they start their tour daily at 10.30 am or 2.30 pm. The tour begins at the town hall and goes around 3 hours. The guides are locals who lives in Sydney all their lives and know the city by heart. On the tour you get a lot of information about the city, it’s history and the history of Australia and they are happy to answer your questions as well. The end of the tour is I the harbor with a view on the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The tour operates on a tipping system, this means that you tip the tour guides at the end of the tour as much as you thing the tour was worth. For me 5 AUD per person is a good amount if you liked the tour.   

Sydney on a Budget

4.    Do the second free walking tour at the rocks at 6 pm

If you liked the first free walking tour you will probably also like the second one. This one is from the same organization and starts at 6 pm at the Cadmans Cottage near to the Rocks. The tour is all about the History of the Rocks and the divers criminal stories around that corner. The tour is only about 1,5 hours and ends with a stunning view over the city and the Harbour Bridge. Also this tour operates on the tipping system and 5 AUD is reasonable here too.

Sydney on a Budget

5.    Walk trough the fish market and China town

The fish market and China town are not that far from each other and you can visit both in a morning. On the fish market you can find any sort of fish you can only imagine and as the name it suggests China town has a lot of Chinese and Asian food. Prices on the fish market are quiet expensive, therefore the food in Chinatown is cheap. Fried noodles for under 10 AUD or chicken with rice for 11 AUD are just some of the choices you have.

Sydney on a Budget
Sydney on a Budget

6.    Visit Manly Council and enjoy the view

Manly Council is a little bit out of the city, and I drove there with my care just before I came to Sydney. But it is also reachable by boat and as I heard the views are stunning as you drive past the skyline and the beaches of Sydney – They leave from the Darling Harbour. When you arrive there, you can have a little walk to the viewpoint and see the city from the other side. I had unfortunately lousy weather, but even then it was a nice view.

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