6 Things to do in Bohol, Philippines

Bohol is the big Island next to Cebu, and there are direct ferries from Cebu city or from Oslob to the ferry terminal in Panglao. And Panglao is also the place to stay, in here you can find all the Hotels, Hostels and restaurants. The ferry stops on Bohol Island, but it is only a 30 minutes’ drive to the Alona Beach.

Bohol things to do

1.    Alona Beach

One of the best things in Panglao is the Alona Beach; it is a beautiful white beach with clear blue water and underwater life. The palm trees make it look like paradise. Other then a beautiful beach you can find a bunch of resorts and restaurants to eat and have a drink.

Bohol things to do

2.    Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are in the middle of the Island Bohol, and it’s a 2-hour drive from Alona beach away. If you feel confident driving that long with a motorbike, I would recommend renting out a bike for 300 Pesos a day and drive by yourself. The streets are in good condition and its easy to drive. If not, you can always find a tour which brings you there.

Bohol things to do

The Chocolate Hills are a series of hills not higher than 100 meters which are randomly spread around the region. Go on one of the viewpoints and enjoy the view over the mountains. Hilltop was the one I have been; it only costs you 50 pesos entry.

Bohol things to do

3.    Visit the Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol

If you are already on the way to the Chocolate Hills, you can stop by the Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol. The Tarsier live here in their natural environment, and the fence is only to protect them from their natural predators like snakes and cats. For 60 Pesos you get a guided tour around the garden, and they show you where these little animals hide. You also get to know more about their species and why they are so in danger of dying out.

Bohol things to do

Please be quiet and respectful as we learned that they get stressed out from to much noise and then kill themselves. A study found out that these animals will hit their head against the wood until they die when they get stressed out too much – from touching or yelling for example.

4.    Go Diving

As everywhere in the Philippines, the underwater world is just amazing, and diving is a special thing here. Around the Alona beach, you can find a lot of diving schools which offer cheap fun dives.

Bohol things to do

5.    Do an Island hoping Tour

Island hopping is also one of the main things in the Philippines, and you should do it at least once. There are two possibilities – either you go with a tour, or you get a private boat with a driver for the day. The trip will only cost 400 pesos per person, and the boat costs you 48 USD for a private tour.

6.    Have breakfast on the beach

I had one of the best views for Breakfast on my seven months travels in Panglao – to be precise at the white beach Panglao. The beach is not the best to relax as most parts belong to luxury resorts and are only for guests but perfect to have a walk or breakfast. You can choose from one of the resort restaurants, and for a slightly higher price, you get an excellent Breakfast with a view over paradise. This was the moment I thought – damn this is Paradise, what can I wish more. 

Bohol things to do
Bohol things to do
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