5 Reasons to visit the Philippines

1.    Nature

Actually, nature in the Philippines is reason enough to visit this beautiful country. I rarely saw such a fantastic diversity in animals, beaches, mountains, and underwater life. The Philippines has it all – Amazing beaches, mountains, animals and good weather to enjoy all of that. In Moalboal, I had the best snorkeling experience ever, and I saw a lot more while snorkeling at the beach then while diving at the great barrier reef in Australia. A day later I was standing on the highest peak in Cebu and had an incredible view. Canyoneering was one of the best adventures I did, and it was packed with adrenaline.

Boat Tour Philippines

In addition to that, you can find all these tiny islands where you can chill and get this feeling that you are in the middle of nowhere stranded on an Island. In Palawan, especially El Nido and Coron the nature outside the main Islands is just incredible; I never saw something as beautiful when it comes to beach and sea environment. And there is so much more to discover in the Philippines – the mountains in Luzon or Boracay.

Things to do in Siargao
Siargao Island Tour

Nature in the Philippines is, and a must see. From the best beaches in the world over hiking, for everyone is something here. If underwater, on water, or land; adventures connected to nature are incredible and a must for any adrenaline junky. 

Things to do in south cebu
Canyoneering in Cebu

2.    People

People from the Philippines are just the friendliest ever. They smile at you whenever they can, and they help you where they can. The best thing is that they speak English most of the time, so it is effortless to get in contact with them. They have a warm heart and are good people. One example is that they try to sell you something but still are friendly if you deny it – unlike in other countries. Here are also other things which are different in the Philippines in a good way.

3.    Food

In here I show you my favorite food in the Philippines. I have to admit that compared with Thailand, the Philippines (or any other country) doesn’t stand a chance. But it isn’t that bad as you might think. In fact, a few dishes like Pork Sisig are amazing, and I ate them nearly every day. But also, a wide range of other Asian or western food places can be found. In General, I always had delicious food, and my never-ending lust for amazing food got satisfied.

Food in the Philippines
Chicken Sisig

4.    Easy to travel

The combination of friendly people and the fact that most people speak English makes it so much easier to move around in the Philippines. If you can’t find a bus, there is always someone who shows you where to go. If you want to explain to the taxi driver or the tricycle driver where you want to go, it makes it easier when he at least understands you. Restaurants don’t get your order wrong because they know what you are telling them. The understanding of the same language makes traveling just a lot easier, and therefore this is in my list of the things why you should visit the Philippines. Especially as an unexperienced traveler that makes your life easier.

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5.    Clean beaches

It makes me happy to see how progressive the Philippines are in terms of climate change. Of course, there is A LOT to be done but compared with other SEA countries; the Philippines is a leading example. They saw that they are destroying their paradise and the most significant asset they have. In most of the restaurant’s plastic is banned, and you rarely can find plastic bags. I’m also aware of the fact that this is mostly for the tourists and the locals still use too much plastic, but hey it’s at least a beginning. The beaches in the Philippines are very clean and after Australia the cleanest beaches I saw during my seven months of traveling. In Bali, beaches are so dirty that it’s not fun at all anymore to go for a swim. This is different in the Philippines, and I’m pleased about that development.

Bohol things to do
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  • Planes: 16
  • Busses: 43
  • Trains: 18
  • Boats: 23
  • Km driving: 7000
  • Km running: 2215

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