30 Things to do in Bangkok – The ultimate travel guide for Bangkok

Bangkok – the mega metropole in the middle of Southeast Asia, home for 15 million people and home for some of the best food in the world. In between Street food, rooftop Bars and markets, majestic temples decorate the city. One skyscraper tops the other, and you can find as cheap or as expensive places as you want. This city has absolutely everything, and there is nothing you can’t find. It is super chaotic, but the friendly smiles of people make you forget about that. And in general, it’s super affordable to live and travel here. It’s just the perfect travel destination and the turning point for all international and domestic flights or travel options. I stayed 30 days in Bangkok, and here is my list of 30 Things to do in Bangkok.

1.    Khaosan Road


Everyone heard about this Street, and it might be the most famous Street in Bangkok. A lot of people hate it; a lot of people love it. But there is no way around it, and I think you have to see it at least once. The Street is filled with clubs, bars, food, annoying vendors from tailors over balloons with laugh gas in it. This Street is just packed to it’s maximum, and it is here where you can find all of the tourists. If you’re not into drinking, then you can have at least some tasty street food or walk through and watch the chaos. If you’re into alcohol and party, this is the place to be for you. Some crazy parties take place here daily. Find the full entry here.

2.    Try the Street food in the Rambuttri Alley

Next to Khaosan road, is the Rambuttri Alley which has a lot better food then you can find on Khaosan. It is the Parallel Street to the Khaosan Road, and you should check out that road as well. While Khaosan road is more for party and drinking, the Rambuttri Alley is more for food and restaurants. However, I wouldn’t recommend eating in one of the restaurants. The food is not better and a lot more expensive than on the Street. Find the full entry here.

3.    Visit the Chatuchak-Weekend-market

Things to do in Bangkok Weekend market

The Chatuchak is the biggest Market in Bangkok and only open on the weekends. It’s a vast market, a little outside the city center but next to a BTS station; so super easily accessible. It’s worth to visit, and maybe you find one or another item you always wanted. There is not much you can’t find on this Market, from fake bags over food, radios and handmade souvenirs everything is there. I ended up finding two t-shirts which have a sportive cut and are perfect for the warm temperatures. They were super cheap, and the quality doesn’t seem to be that bad. Find the full entry here.

4.    Take a motorbike taxi

Things to do in Bangkok

It is the fastest and cheapest way to get around this city with one of the worse traffic situations in the world – a motorbike Taxi. Grab is the best way to order one of these taxis; the driver will pick you up, you get on the back of the bike, and the journey begins. To be honest, it’s not the most comfortable and also not the safest way to travel, but for short distances, it’s the best way. These taxis are often only half the price of an average car, and in the rush hour, they are double as fast so if your journey doesn’t take more than 20 mins it’s worth to choose one of these. Find the full entry here.

5.    Eat out at China town

Things to do in Bangkok Chinatown

China town is another of these food wonders in Bangkok. If you followed me for a while, then you know that I place the food in China on the same level then the food in Thailand. Both are amazing, and China town combines both and turns it into a food lovers paradise with incredibly low prices. From roasted duck to super sweet little pineapples, everyone can find something here. Find the full entry here.

6.    Visit the Grand Palace

Things to do in Bangkok Grand Palace

What is Bangkok famous for? Yeah for its amazing Street food and its several temples. One of these temples and the biggest one is the Grand Palace in the heart of Bangkok. All in Gold and beautiful colors it stands out from other temples around Asia, and it is more a complex of different buildings. The locals go there and pray so please respect them and keep silence inside the temples. Find the full entry here.

7.    Visit Wat Pho, the reclining Buddha

Things to do in Bangkok Wat Pho

Another Temple which is worth to visit is Wat Pho or also known as the reclining Buddha. The temple has a giant Buddha which is in a reclining pose. The Buddha is around 50 meters long and 10 meters high. The pose is kind of funny, to be honest. Other then this giant Buddha you can find some other buildings with smaller buddhas inside and beautiful colored roofs and buildings. Find the full entry here.

8.    Eat Pad Thai

Things to do in Bangkok Pad Thai

Pad Thai – Thailand’s national Dish, my favorite Dish in the world and the classic on every Street food market. It is a must when visiting Thailand, and I promise you that you’ll love it as well. You can find it with Shrimps (The original version) with Chicken, with pork or as a vegetable alternative. It’s a noodle dish with vegetables and spices, topped with peanuts and by choice dried chili powder.

You can find Pad Thai every night and street food market, and it’s one of the cheapest options. The vegetables alternative only costs about 30 Baht, add an egg, and you pay 35 Baht, and the version with meat will cost you around 60 Bath. Restaurants also serve it but for a higher price and often not as good as on the Street. Find the full entry here.

9.    So Sofitel Pool party

SO Sofitel Pool Party

Every last Saturday of the month there is a big Pool party at the SO Sofitel Hotel near Lumphini Park. It’s the hotspot for everyone who likes a good party in combination with an incredible location. I’ve been to many parties in my life, but this location topped every single other one. The Pool is located on the 9th floor – doesn’t sound that spectacular but considering that the Pool is facing the park and no other buildings are around – it guarantees an incredible view! Adding the opposite side with another skyline view, 2 DJ’s and a crowd consisted of half Thai and half western people you have the perfect mix for an unforgettable party. Find the full entry here.

10.    Go to 7eleven

While this might sound a little out of context, 7eleven is part of Thailand more than any other shop anywhere else; it’s as much part of Thailand then the temples or the Islands. If you haven’t been to a 7eleven store in Thailand, you haven’t been to Thailand. Anyway, it’s nearly impossible to avoid 7eleven; it’s a store for everything – food, cosmetics, cigarettes, drinks, or a SIM Card for the phone. While this is not that unusual for a store to list all these things, it’s the frequency you can find 7eleven which makes it unavoidable. Find the full entry here.

11.    Muay Thai live show at the Asiatique

Things to do in Bangkok Muay Thai show at Asiatique

Muay Thai has a tradition in Thailand as a National Sport. A Sport were two people fight against each other, using hands and legs and perform breathtaking stunts — a sport for everybody who loves the adrenaline and action. You can go and see a fight at one of the numerous stations, or you can go to the Asiatique and watch a musical about the history of Muay Thai and enjoy two live matches from young adults afterward. Find the full entry here.

12.    Octave Rooftop bar

Things to do in Bangkok Octave Bar

Bangkok is famous for all its extravagant Rooftop bars, one higher than the other, one has better cocktails than the other, and they all have amazing views. There are so many options, and they are all amazing – it’s hard to pick one. I went to the Octave Rooftop bar from the Marriott Hotel. The bar is fully open and offers a 360 degrees view over the whole city. It feels like you are on top of the mega metropole Bangkok. Located on the 49th floor, the wind is smoothly refreshing you, and with chill beats from the DJ desk, you can enjoy your drink. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the cocktails are amazing. Find the full entry here.

13.     Have a Thai Massage

Everyone has heard about Thai massages, good or bad things, but I’m sure you heard about them. Well, you should definitely get one in Bangkok. But pay attention to where you get it.

Bangkok is full of right massage places, but sadly also full of bad ones with other intentions. The key to finding a good place is to research the place online first. And don’t go there where all the tourists are. You can be sure that you don’t find many serious offers on Khaosan road, but a little outside the touristic area’s places are so much better. TripAdvisor is mostly a good place to look. Find the full entry here.

14.    Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza

Nana Plaza is the biggest sex complex in the world. Already around the complex, you can find a range of bars, and the nearer you come, the less the bartender wear, and the more girls are waiting on the Street. At some point, you’ll then find a sign “Nana Plaza, the biggest sex complex in the world.” That’s where it starts to get crazy.

After a security check you’ll be standing in the middle of a 3-story high building with around 30 bars, most of them Go-go bars and music blasting from all sides. These Go-go bars are a mix of strip club, and whorehouse. Here you can find the full blog entry and the description of how it is inside. Find the full entry here.

15.    Go shopping or eating at Siam ICON

Things to do in Bangkok Siam ICON

Siam ICON takes shopping to the next level. Do you think Westfield in London is crazy? That’s a joke compared to this supermall. Siam ICON is the 6th biggest shopping mall in the world, and I never saw something that luxury and that creative then this mall. The mall only opened six months ago, and it’s the new status symbol of Bangkok and Thailand. This mall has so much to offer you could spend days inside, and you wouldn’t have eaten at half of the restaurants.

The best things about the mall are the two food courts and the spectacular view over the city skyline. Yeah, there are two food courts, one in the Basement with Street food and one on the top floor with restaurants. The food court on the top floor offers every cuisine from around the world in a luxury and exclusive way. The Basement provides street food at incredibly low prices. Find the full entry here.

16.    Do a tour to the train market

Things to do in Bangkok train market
It’s really a thing of millimeters. The train is even driving over the vegetables.

The train market is the Market where every hour a train passes in the middle of the Market. The unique thing about it is that people usually sell their products on the train tracks and they only move everything seconds before the train passes. Seconds after the train passed everything is as before, and the Market continues on the trails. Find the full entry here.

17.    Visit the floating markets

Things to do in Bangkok floating markets

The Floating Market is one of the main tourist attractions in Bangkok, although it’s around 2 hours outside the city center. This Market takes place on a river, and the vendors, as well as the buyers, travel by boat. The food and souvenir shops are either on the edge of the river or on boats swimming in the river. On the entrance, you board a small boat with 3 to 6 people, and a woman or man will paddle with you around the river. Find the full entry here.

18.    Eat out at the shopping mall Terminal 21

Food Bangkok
Brasil Beef with rice and egg

Bangkok is full of shopping malls, all of them have food courts, and most of them have a special Street food court. One of the best and cheapest Street food courts is in the shopping Mall Terminal 21. Find the full entry here.

19.    Silom Night Market

Silom night market is more a combination of Street food, clothing market, and bars. The Market is located near the Sala Daeng BTS Station. As soon as the sun goes down, the Street is full of Clothing shops, street food and in between, you can find some bars. As many big businesses and banks are located around that area, it’s popular among local people. Find the full entry here.

20.    Patpong Night Market

Things to do in Bangkok Patpong Night Bazar

Patpong Street is another Street, mostly for the amusement of male customers. Earlier on I was telling you about the Nana Plaza and all the Go-go bars in there. Patpong Street is in one way the same. The difference is that there is a market in the middle of that Street, which sells usual stuff like clothes, watches, and handbags – fake, of course.

Other then Patpong you should also walk through Soi 2 and Soi 4 – The gay Street and the Thanyian Plaza, an amusement Street for Japanese costumer. Find the full entry here.

21.    Travel by boat over the Chao Phraya river

Bangkok Boat tour

The Chao Phraya river is the river running through the middle of Bangkok and separating the city. Of course, some bridges are connecting both sides of the river, but taking a boat often seems like the best option. More than crossing the river you can travel along the river with one of the local or touristic boats and see the city from the river. In some cases, it’s even the fastest way to travel through Bangkok.

I would recommend taking one of the local boats and use it as a method of transportation if you want to reach another sightseeing spot. You get to your destination for a low price and have the river cruise included. Find the full entry here.

22.    Have a walk in the Lumphini Park

Things to do in Bangkok Lumphini Park

One thing that is missing in Bangkok, or any city in Southeast Asia, is green spaces. Bangkok is probably the extreme case of that. In the three weeks I’m already living here I haven’t been to one park or any green space without all the chaos. Now, Lumphini Park gives you all of this, a place to relax, green everywhere and it seems like you are far away from all the chaos and the pollution. Find the full entry here.

23.    Ratchada Train Market

The Ratchada Train market is a night market full of Street food, and bars. Different to the actual train market in the surrounding area of Bangkok, there is no train passing through this Market. The Market got the name because it is on an old train ground where trains used to be repaired and parked else than that the Market has nothing to do with trains. The specialty about this Market is the colorful design and the number of things you can find. First, you get overwhelmed with the food choice; then you can find tons of clothes, watches, and souvenirs and at the end of the market bars and cool places to have a drink can be found. Find the full entry here.

Things to do in Bangkok Ratchada Train market

24.    Visit the Chang Chui Plane night market

Things to do in Bangkok Chang Chui Plane night market

This night market also called Creative park or plane night market is the coolest night market I’ve seen until now. In the middle of the Market is a full-size airplane in which you can have a dinner or drink a few cocktails (There was a private event, so I, unfortunately, don’t have any pictures from inside). All over the Market, you can find some creative statues, and the stores are all decorated stylish and different. In between food you’ll find little shops with clothes or souvenirs and live music.

On every meter, you find something to see and to take a photo. The Street food is delicious; you can find, for example, the first Indonesian food stall in Thailand, egg noodles, or traditional dishes like Pad Thai and Roti. Find the full entry here.

25.    INDY Market

Things to do in Bangkok INDY Market

Nowhere in Bangkok, you can find a better local experience in combination with an excellent market. Full of food, clothes, and bars – all of that in a very stylish design and full of people. The unusual thing is that there are no tourists on the Market and it’s a truly local experience. This Market is the hotspot for all local people from that district with food and bars to drink for young Thai people. People dressed up and had drinks at one of the many bars on the Market – it seemed like this would be the there Saturday night going to spot.

The Market is decorated with lights, little stalls with all different sorts of food and a lot of clothes waiting for you to buy. Different then most other markets, this Market offers seating to sit and eat your food relaxed. Find the full entry here.

26.    Watch a Muay Thai fight at Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium

Things to do in Bangkok Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium

Muay Thai is a sport full of action and nothing for a weak stomach, but it’s so much fun to watch. At the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, you get four times a week nine fights to watch and that for a reasonable price. Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday action is guaranteed, and ticket prices are always the same. I would, however, recommend going on Thursday as I heard that this is the day when all the locals come and gamble for a winner. I went on a Sunday, and the Stadium was incredibly empty, which has of course also an effect on the atmosphere. As far as I heard it’s escalating on Thursdays and so that’s the day to go. Find the full entry here.

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