30 Things to do in Bangkok – #8 Eat Pad Thai

What to do in Bangkok? The #4 of things to do in Bangkok is to eat Pad Thai.

Things to do in Bangkok Pad Thai

Pad Thai – Thailand’s national Dish, my favorite Dish in the world and the classic on every Street food market. It is a must when visiting Thailand, and I promise you that you’ll love it as well. You can find it with Shrimps (The original version) with Chicken, with pork or as a vegetable alternative. It’s a noodle dish with vegetables and spices, topped with peanuts and by choice dried chili powder.

Things to do in Bangkok Pad Thai

You can find Pad Thai every night and street food market, and it’s one of the cheapest options. The vegetables alternative only costs about 30 Baht, add an egg, and you pay 35 Baht, and the version with meat will cost you around 60 Bath. Restaurants also serve it but for a higher price and often not as good as on the street.

Things to do in Bangkok Pad Thai

The History of Pad Thai

During the second world war, Thailand suffered a rice shortage, and so the government promoted the consumption of noodles instead. They held a contest for the best noodle dish, and the winner was Pad Thai. Since then, Pad Thai became one of Thailand’s national dishes. Some of the Street vendors still use the traditional receipt.  

Things to do in Bangkok Pad Thai
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