30 Things to do in Bangkok – #7 Wat Pho, the reclining Buddha

What to do in Bangkok? The #4 of things to do in Bangkok is to visit the reclining Buddha called Wat Pho.

Another Temple which is worth to visit is Wat Pho or also known as the reclining Buddha. The temple has a giant Buddha which is in a reclining pose. The Buddha is around 50 meters long and 10 meters high. The pose is kind of funny, to be honest. Other then this giant Buddha you can find some other buildings with smaller buddhas inside and beautiful colored roofs and buildings.

Things to do in Bangkok Wat Pho

The entrance fee is 200 Baht, and the same clothes rules apply as for the Grand Palace or other temples. No shorts, and shoulders have to be covered. The temple is located directly next to the Grand Palace, and so it makes sense to do both in one day.

Things to do in Bangkok Wat Pho
Things to do in Bangkok Wat Pho

From the pier next to Wat Pho you can take a ferry for 4 Baht which takes you across the river to the Wat Arun Temple. Entrance fee is 50 Baht, but in my opinion, it’s enough to see the temple from the outside.

Things to do in Bangkok Wat Pho

Same as for the Grand Palace the only way to get there is by taxi or to walk.

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