30 Things to do in Bangkok – #6 Grand Palace

What to do in Bangkok? The #4 of things to do in Bangkok is to visit the grand Palace, the biggest temple in Bangkok.

Things to do in Bangkok Grand Palace

What is Bangkok famous for? Yeah for its amazing Street food and its several temples. One of these temples and the biggest one is the Grand Palace in the heart of Bangkok. All in Gold and beautiful colors it stands out from other temples around Asia, and it is more a complex of different buildings. The locals go there and pray so please respect them and keep silence inside the temples.

The entrance fee for foreigners is 500 Bath, and you have to prepare yourself for a million (mainly Chinese) tourists. I visited the temple around noon, and so it was the rush hour for tourists. At moments it got too much, and you couldn’t correctly move because all the tourists stand in your way. In the early morning or late afternoon are probably better times to visit the temples. The heat isn’t that overwhelming and perhaps also fewer tourists.

Things to do in Bangkok Grand Palace

Also, you have to wear long pants and a t-shirt who don’t show your shoulders. Girls can’t wear shirts with visible back and must wear long pants. In the temples, it’s prohibited to take photos, although the Chinese don’t give a fuck and don’t respect these rules. Don’t be that tourist! No footwear is allowed inside the temple, but socks are ok. Make sure to wear them as you don’t want to pick up an illness or athletes’ foot.

As the Grand Palace is located in the middle of the old town, no MRT or BTS is going there. You are forced to take a taxi or walk from Khaosan Road. Grab is, again, the best option.

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