30 Things to do in Bangkok – #4 Take a motorbike taxi

What to do in Bangkok? The #4 of things to do in Bangkok is to ride a motorbike taxi.

It is the fastest and cheapest way to get around this city with one of the worse traffic situations in the world. Grab is the best way to order one of these motorbike taxis; the driver will pick you up, you get on the back of the bike, and the journey begins. To be honest, it’s not the most comfortable and also not the safest way to travel, but for short distances, it’s the best way. These drivers drive in between the cars, are always the first to leave after a red light, and know all the short ways to bring you as fast as possible to your destination. There is no aircon, but the wind will cool you down, and you get a real feeling for the city.

Things to do in Bangkok

These taxis are often only half the price of an average car, and in the rush hour, they are double as fast so if your journey doesn’t take more then 20 mins it’s worth to choose one of these. I only take motorbikes if I’m by myself, it gives you this portion of adrenaline, and you don’t waste time. It’s sometimes crazy how they drive, and you might catch yourself holding on to the motorbike as you would be about to crash, but believe me, they know what they are doing! I never had an accident not even touched another car, although they pass them by millimeters all the time. They drive all day, for all their life, they know what they do and how to do it.

Things to do in Bangkok

Other then Grab you can stop drivers on the Street, they wear yellow vests – that’s how you know that they are taxi drivers. However, without any Thai language knowledge and without knowing the actual price, it’s not the best idea. It’s difficult to explain to them where you want to go, and they will always charge you more than Grab. Register your Visa card with Grab after that you can order and pay with the app. The best price is guaranteed for you. 

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