30 Things to do in Bangkok – #3 Visit the Chatuchak-Weekend-market

The Chatuchak is the biggest market in Bangkok and only open on the weekends. It’s a vast market, a little outside the city center but next to a BTS station; so super easily accessible. It’s worth to visit, and maybe you find one or another item you always wanted. There is not much you can’t see on this market, from fake bags over food, radios and handmade souvenirs everything is there. I ended up finding two t-shirts which have a sportive cut and are perfect for the warm temperatures. They were super cheap, and the quality doesn’t seem to be that bad. 

Things to do in Bangkok
Things to do in Bangkok
Things to do in Bangkok

To be honest, I was surprised at how modern this market is. Some shops are entirely new, and they even have AC. It feels a little bit like a traditional market with some elements from a modern shopping mall. And some of the products are high-end quality and still for a low price. The difference between a shopping center is that all the famous and big brands are missing. You can’t find Zara, H&M or Channel. Most products have no brand at all. This makes it a lot cheaper but not necessarily worse quality.

Things to do in Bangkok
Things to do in Bangkok Weekend market
Things to do in Bangkok Weekend market
Fancy a handsoap? HAHA

Try to avoid the midday heat and go either in the morning at 9 when it opens or around 4/5 pm before it closes. Clothes and other products are cheap in that market; it’s different for food. Most food products are highly overpriced, and so you should eat before or after at another place.

Things to do in Bangkok Weekend market

The market is located directly next to a BTS station called Mo Chit. The MRT also runs through that station. Taking the BTS/MRT is the best option to get to the market. If your hotel/Hostel is not near one of the stations, then get a taxi to the next BTS station. It’s cheaper and most of all, faster. 

Things to do in Bangkok Weekend market
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