30 Things to do in Bangkok – #28 Neon night market

What to do in Bangkok? The #28 of things to do in Bangkok is to visit the neon night market.

The last Market I visited was the Neon market. One thing I love about the several markets in Bangkok is that none of them is like another one. Every Market has its own character, and it’s always a different experience.

Things to do in Bangkok neon market

Like this, the neon market has two dozen of restaurant where you can eat and sit, else than the other markets where you only have little shops who sell the food and you eat it while walking. All of the restaurants serve kind of the same food with little difference, so it’s more about where you feel comfortable and want to sit. The food choice is vast with fresh grilled fish, traditional Thai dishes, and all kinds of seafood. Prices are a little higher than on other markets, but therefor you can sit down.

Things to do in Bangkok neon market
Things to do in Bangkok neon market
Things to do in Bangkok neon market
Things to do in Bangkok neon market

On the other side of the Market, clothes and souvenirs can be found, and the end has bars and places to have a drink.

I presented you a lot of markets in the last 30 days – the Chatuchak weekend market, Chang Chui Plane night market, the Indy market and so on. And there is still no market like the other one. As I said in the beginning – all of the Markets are in one way the same, and yet wholly different and very Market has their own style. Best is it to read once through my descriptions of the markets and then decide according to your time availability which one you want to visit and which ones are best for you.

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