30 Things to do in Bangkok – #20 Patpong Night Bazar

What to do in Bangkok? The #20 of things to do in Bangkok is to have a walk through the Patpong Night Bazar.

Patpong Street is another Street, mostly for the amusement of male customers. Earlier on I was telling you about the Nana Plaza and all the Go-go bars in there. Patpong Street is in one way the same. The difference is that there is a market in the middle of that Street, which sells usual stuff like clothes, watches, and handbags – fake, of course.

Things to do in Bangkok Patpong Night Bazar

This Street is located near to the Silom Night market and is marked with a big sign “Patpong Night bazar”. At first, you see a normal market and people want to sell you stuff – nothing unusual. If you keep going through you, start noticing half-naked girls sitting outside and often eating their dinner or chatting with their coworkers. As you keep walking someone will shout at you and ask you to enter the club, you look to the side and find a club entrance where about 20 girls – only in underwear – are dancing and waiting for customers. That’s how you know that it’s a Go-go bar. If there is no Go-go Bar, some guys will ask you if you want to see a “Pingpong” show or a live sex show. That’s in between the regular vendors of clothes and watches who simultaneously shoot at you to buy their stuff.

Things to do in Bangkok Patpong Night Bazar
Things to do in Bangkok Patpong Night Bazar

At first, this Street looks innocent, but as soon as you enter the market, you’ll be overrun by woman, vendors, and people selling you some shows. It’s fun to walk through, and experience one of these crazy phenomena only found in Bangkok.

But there is more than Patpong Street; the two parallel streets are also exciting streets. Soi 2 and Soi 4. The gay Street of Bangkok (Soi 2), full of bars for gay people and with colorful flags all over the Street – indeed interesting if your sexual orientation is homosexual. 

Things to do in Bangkok Patpong Night Bazar

The last Street, you should have a walk through called Thaniya Plaza (Soi 4). It’s also known as the Japanese Street and therefore, mainly for Japanese customers are targeted. Girls are sitting outside on chairs and waiting for the customers. As far as I heard, the restaurants serve Japanese food with the girl of your choice as a waiter. It’s, of course all about catering to different desires. 

Things to do in Bangkok Patpong Night Bazar
Things to do in Bangkok Patpong Night Bazar

All of these Streets have one clear purpose and are mainly for wealthy men to have some fun. However, as a regular tourist or Backpacker, it’s interesting to walk around and see what’s going on. All of this is next to the Silom Night market.

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