30 Things to do in Bangkok – #2 Try the Street food in the Rambuttri Alley

Next to Khaosan road – which is also one of the things to do in Bangkok – is the Rambuttri Alley which has a lot better food then you can find on Khaosan. It is the Parallel Street to the Khaosan Road, and you should check out that road as well. While Khaosan road is more for party and drinking, the Rambuttri Alley is more for food and restaurants. However, I wouldn’t recommend eating in one of the restaurants. The food is not better and a lot more expensive than on the Street.

Things to do in Bangkok

The Rambuttri Alley is also a lot longer than the Khaosan Road, after an intersection with the main road you can continue to walk, and more street food and cute cafés can be found. My favorite Street food vendor is a Stall next to the Restaurant Thai Garden. This little shop sells Pad Thai, spring rolls, and fresh smoothies. The Pad Thai is extraordinarily cheap, and one of the best I had in Bangkok. If you continue a little on that Street, you can find a small caravan built into a smoothie place which also serves alcohol. Try the smoothies there; you won’t get disappointed.

Things to do in Bangkok
Best and cheapest Pad Thai

Most places open their business in the evening after 6 pm. And most people can be found around 9 pm on the Street before going to the party on Khaosan road. As I already said, don’t go to the restaurants and try the street food. Although most restaurants will serve good food, you can find the best food in these little stalls and for half the price. You have to eat while standing, but that’s part of the experience. If you want to sit down, it’s better to visit Khaosan road and have a drink there.

Things to do in Bangkok
Spring rolls

There is also no issue with the cleanness of the food. These vendors sell so much in one day, the food is for sure fresh, and even with meat, there should be no concern. Try also the scorpion or some other insects being sold there. To be honest, these things are only there for the tourists, and no Thai ever eats this, but it’s worth the experience, and it doesn’t even taste that bad. Just pay attention not to get ripped off too bad and – other than for the other food – you can negotiate the price for these insects.

Things to do in Bangkok

To get here, take a taxi with Grab or a regular cab with a taximeter. From the Khaosan road, you can walk as it is just the next Street.

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