30 Things to do in Bangkok – #16 Train Market

What to do in Bangkok? The #16 of things to do in Bangkok is visit the Train Market.

The train market is the market where every hour a train passes in the middle of the market. The unique thing about it is that people usually sell their products on the train tracks and they only move everything seconds before the train passes. Seconds after the train passed everything is as before, and the market continues on the trails.

At first, the market looks like a regular market; people sell fish, vegetables, and meat. Because of the masses of tourist, you can also find some souvenirs and fresh-cut fruits else than that it seems like a regular and overcrowded market. But the first thing you notice is that you will walk on train treks and the things to sell are places just next to the treks, and the rain covers are all over the treks.

Everything is quiet and ordinary until you hear the horns of a train. As soon as the horn is coming nearer, there is a small panic going on. The vendors take the things from the train treks and place them behind, the rain covers get folded in, and people make space. Locals are pushing the tourists back, and suddenly there is a full-size train passing in the middle of the market, just there where people were walking and selling stuff 30 seconds before. The train passes the people by centimeters, and other tourists take photos from inside the train (Another tourist activity you can book). As soon as the train passed within seconds, the market is build up again, and everything is like before. It’s a breathtaking moment which you can probably only find in Southeast Asia.

Things to do in Bangkok train market
Things to do in Bangkok train market
It’s really a thing of millimeters. The train is even driving over the vegetables.

To visit the market, it’s recommended to book a tour as the market is over one hour outside the city center of Bangkok. Every Hostel and Hotel will offer one of these tours, which often combines the train market with the floating markets.    

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