30 Things to do in Bangkok – #15 Go shopping or eating at Siam ICON

What to do in Bangkok? The #15 of things to do in Bangkok is to go shopping at Siam ICON.

Siam ICON takes shopping to the next level. Do you think Westfield in London is crazy? That’s a joke compared to this supermall. Siam ICON is the 6th biggest shopping mall in the world, and I never saw something that luxury and that creative then this mall. The mall only opened six months ago, and it’s the new status symbol of Bangkok and Thailand. This mall has so much to over you could spend days inside, and you wouldn’t have eaten at half of the restaurants.

Things to do in Bangkok Siam ICON

Of course, you can find every big and luxury brand you can think of in this mall. Apple has the biggest store marking the middle of the mall and an eye catcher when looking from the riverside to the mall. Gourmet grocery stores offer any possible food choice, from Kobe meat (most expensive beef in the world) to parmesan fresh from Italy and Brie cheese from French. There is probably nothing you can’t find here.

Things to do in Bangkok Siam ICON

The best things about the mall, however, are the two food courts and the spectacular view over the city skyline. Yeah, there are two food courts, one in the Basement with Street food and one on the top floor with restaurants. The food court on the top floor offers every cuisine from around the world in a luxury and exclusive way. The Basement provides street food at incredibly low prices. The tradition of Thailand and the ruling of the King demand a Street food court in every shopping mall, and so also this one has one of these fantastic places for food lovers. Prices and tastes are like on the street but all of that in a fancy and climatized shopping mall.

Things to do in Bangkok Siam ICON
Things to do in Bangkok Siam ICON
Mushroom Dumplin
Things to do in Bangkok Siam ICON
Chicken Stick

The top food court has a large water fountain where the water is falling 25 meters from the roof, and lights transform it into a visual show. The seating areas are divided by little waterways and plants. The Street Food court has the theme of the floating markets. Small rivers are all over the Basement, and the Street food vendors sell their food from little boats.

Things to do in Bangkok Siam ICON

On the 3rd floor, you can exit the mall on a deck where you have a fantastic view of the city.

Things to do in Bangkok Siam ICON

Every time I visit this super mall, I’m astonished by how modern, significant, and fancy it is. I never saw something like this in Europe or anywhere else before, and you should definitely have a look and eat the fantastic food there.

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