30 Things to do in Bangkok – #14 Nana Plaza

What to do in Bangkok? The #14 of things to do in Bangkok is to visit Nana Plaza.

Nana Plaza is the biggest sex complex in the world. Now you ask yourself why you should visit that? I’m also not the biggest fan of prostitution, and I’m by far too young and attractive that I would ever need to pay a woman. But I still think it’s worth seeing and you will remember this evening that’s for sure. Already around the complex, you can find a range of bars, and the nearer you come, the less the bartender wear, and the more girls are waiting on the street. At some point, you’ll then find a sign “Nana Plaza, the biggest sex complex in the world.” That’s where it starts to get crazy.

Nana Plaza Bangkok

After a security check you’ll be standing in the middle of a 3-story high building with around 30 bars, most of them Go-go bars and music blasting from all sides. These Go-go bars are a mix of strip club, and whorehouse. Of course, pictures are forbidden inside, and so I can describe to you how it is. By entering one of the clubs, one of the ladies shows you the table or the chairs on which you are going to sit. They will present you a card with drinks, the price of the drinks is not that high (Beer 120- 200 THB) and you must order at least one drink per person.

Nana Plaza

The difference between a strip club in Europe and these Go-go bars is that there are on average 50 girls dancing on 2 or 3 stages. The clients sit around and enjoy their drink while the girls dance only in panties. People are allowed to put some money in their panties and give them some drinks. If you get them some extra cash, the girls dance with you, and they sit next to you. And all the girls wear a number on their panties. These are the numbers of the girls and if you fancy one of the girls you can order that girl as a prostitute for your pleasure. As far as I understand is the price negotiated and all details are arranged with one of the managers, and after the payment is done the girls come to you, and you can take them to a hotel.

I think its good fun for one evening to go with some friends, look and have a laugh. On the other side, I believe that half of the girls are very young, and half of the girls are not very good looking. Compared to a strip club in Europe where girls know how to dance and what they do, the quality in these bars is not the best. In my opinion, prostitution and strip clubs is a worldwide phenomenon, it’s not the best thing in the world, but it probably won’t disappear in the near future. The fact that this Nana Plaza is such a crazy place and you probably won’t find anything like that anywhere else makes it worth a visit. Keep in mind to respect these women like all other women and then enjoy your evening. And by the way, women are also welcome in these clubs so no shy ladies. 

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