30 Things to do in Bangkok – #13 Have a Thai Massage

What to do in Bangkok? The #13 of things to do in Bangkok is to have an excellent Thai massage.

Everyone has heard about Thai massages, good or bad things, but I’m sure you heard about them. Well, you should definitely get one in Bangkok. But pay attention to where you get it.

Who didn’t hear about the massages plus, happy massage or happy ending massages? Of course, you can add that to your list of things you want to do in Bangkok you won’t have many problems. Khaosan Road and the surrounding area is your place.

I, however, speak about a relaxing massage which takes out every tension in your body. Bangkok is full of right massage places, but sadly also full of bad ones with other intentions. The key to finding a good place is to research the place online first. And don’t go there where all the tourists are. You can be sure that you don’t find many serious offers on Khaosan road, but a little outside the touristic area’s places are so much better. TripAdvisor is mostly a good place to look.

Prices are around 300 THB for one Hour standard Thai massage, 600 THB for 2 hours, and 500 THB for an oil massage. And Thai massages are quite hard and can hurt in some moments, that’s how your muscles will be more relaxed after. If you want to relax, you might choose another option or ask to get the soft variant of the Thai massage. 

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