30 Things to do in Bangkok – #11 Muay Thai live show at the Asiatique

What to do in Bangkok? The #4 of things to do in Bangkok is to watch a live show of Muay Thai at the Asiatique.

Things to do in Bangkok Muay Thai show at Asiatique

Muay Thai has a tradition in Thailand as a National Sport. A Sport were two people fight against each other, using hands and legs and perform breathtaking stunts — a sport for everybody who loves the adrenaline and action. You can go and see a fight at one of the numerous stations, or you can go to the Asiatique and watch a musical about the history of Muay Thai and enjoy two live matches from young adults afterward.

Things to do in Bangkok Muay Thai show at Asiatique

The Asiatique is a park with a lot of attractions mainly build for Tourists, especially Chinese tourists. In there you can find restaurants, street food and a lot of souvenir shops beside a big theater hall. In there every evening a show takes place about the history of Muay Thai, and afterward, two teenagers (first boys than girls) show their skills and fight against each other. The show is more of a musical, but the fights afterward are real and spectacular even though the fighters are young.

Tickets start at 650 THB and popcorn is included. To get there, a taxi is the best option as no BTS, or MRT connection is available.

I wouldn’t recommend eating at the Asiatique and especially not at the so-called Street food stalls as they are well overpriced and the quality is no better than at any other Street food stall around the city. It’s more for Chinese tourists who are willing to spend the money.  

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