30 Things to do in Bangkok – #10 Go to 7Eleven

What to do in Bangkok? The #10 of things to do in Bangkok is to go to 7Eleven.

Things to do in Bangkok
Toasties from 7eleven and fresh pineapple from a Street food vendor outside – my typical Breakfast.

While this might sound a little out of context, 7eleven is part of Thailand more than any other shop anywhere else; it’s as much part of Thailand then the temples or the Islands. If you haven’t been to a 7eleven store in Thailand, you haven’t been to Thailand. Anyway, it’s nearly impossible to avoid 7eleven; it’s a store for everything – food, cosmetics, cigarettes, drinks, or a SIM Card for the phone. While this is not that unusual for a store to list all these things, it’s the frequency you can find 7eleven which makes it unavoidable.

There are over 6000 7eleven Stores in Thailand, and it’s the biggest employee in the country – even bigger than the Government. Yes, you heard it right, 7eleven is employing more people than the Government in Thailand. And all the stores are open 24/7 and never close. Cleaning, restocking, and repairing is done in not such busy times, but you always have complete access to everything.

In these often-tiny stores, you can find everything, but everything is already prepared, and no fresh food can be found. My favorite is the Toasty for 25 THB – it’s a classic, and you should try it. You should also buy your SIM Card in one of the stores and not at the airport. Dumplings are excellent, and if there is no street food around the prepared meals are also a good alternative.

However, I have one BIG CRITICISM! The unbelievable use of plastic at 7eleven. I never saw anything like that. If you buy a cane of coke, you get a small plastic bag. Thai woman buy a bottle of 0,5L water, they get a plastic bag, a plastic straw which is in plastic packaging. I mean, WTF?!?! That’s 4 plastic items for one 0,5L bottle of water. This has to change as quick as possible! And while you as a tourist can not change the mentality of the Thai people or the regulation of 7eleven – you can show them how we think and save on your plastic use. Make clear that you don’t want any plastic bag, use your coffee cup, and refill your water bottle instead of buying a new one. Thank you!

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