30 Things to do in Bangkok – #1 Khaosan Road

Everyone heard about this Street, and it might be the most famous Street in Bangkok. A lot of people hate it; a lot of people love it. But there is no way around it, and I think you have to see it at least once. The Street is filled with clubs, bars, food, annoying vendors from tailors over balloons with laugh gas in it. This Street is just packed to it’s maximum, and it is here where you can find all of the tourists. If you’re not into drinking, then you can have at least some tasty street food or walk through and watch the chaos. If you’re into alcohol and party, this is the place where you can find the cheapest booze and party with other western tourists. You can find locals in here as well; however, these are mostly girls looking for western boys.

New years Eve on the Khaosan Road

It might not be the best party here and the fancy night clubs are on the other side of the city, but it is the cheapest and where you need no dress code. Mostly the party takes place outside, but there is also a range of clubs indoors, primarily accessible through a small entrance.

30 Thaings to do in Bangkok

Food is delicious, and you can find all the traditional things like Pad Thai, Spring rolls, fresh smoothies, and grilled meat. Because it is a tourist magnet, prices are well higher than somewhere else in Bangkok but still super affordable. 60 Baht for a Pad Thai Chicken, 50 Baht for a smoothie and 3 Spring rolls cost you 50 Baht. As a tip: look around, walk once up and down and then decide what do eat, don’t take the first one you see.

30 Things to do in Bangkok
Look here how it tasted

Most people stay around that area as this area has most of the backpacker Hostels, and you can find a lot of Hotels around that area. Most temples and famous attractions are also around that area, so it is wise to take a Hostel/ Hostel around here as traffic in Bangkok is terrible. However, don’t take anything directly on the Khaosan road! You won’t sleep and probably have all the drunk English people in your Hostel.

Thaings to do in Bangkok
Preparation of Rotee

If your Hotel/Hostel is a little bit further away, you have no choice but to take a taxi as a solo traveler; Motorbike taxies are the best choice. Take Grab to order your taxi or get a regular taxi but make sure he puts on the taximeter.  

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