Thanakha – The secret of Myanmars beauty

One of these things, you notice straight away when you arrive in Myanmar is that most of the woman have some cream similar to their skin color on their cheeks or even all over the face. At first, it looks weird, especially if an immigration officer wears it but with the time you get used to it, and it just appears normal to you. But what is it? And why does woman wear it?

Thailand vs. Malaysia

Thailand vs. Malaysia – what’s the better travel destination?

Neighbors, same climate, big cities, beautiful beaches, mountains – there are many things Thailand and Malaysia have in common. If you got the time to visit both, I recommend visiting both as they are still very different and fabulous in their way. However, if you only got time to visit one of them you can find out here which one suits you better.

Thailand vs. Malaysia

Why you should visit Georgetown, Malaysia

Georgetown in Malaysia is not only the food capital of Malaysia but also filled with Street art and the old town is recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage. Need any more reasons to visit? What about the fact that there are even beaches, beautiful temples and a hill where you can hike up or take the train to have an impressive view?

Why I like Singapore

Why do I like Singapore that much?

Singapore – the small city-state at the edge of Southeast Asia – a mega metropole, super modern with one of the best transportation systems, fantastic food choices and the cleanest city so far. This city has everything you need and endless attractions for tourists. Unfortunately, all of that comes for a price, but it’s worth to spend the extra money and visit this city which shows the world how the future will look like.

Food Bangkok

Food in Bangkok – Food lovers heaven

I stayed for 30 days in Bangkok, and I ended up in a Food coma every single day. I couldn’t withstand the food, and there is so much to try so many options, and for such cheap prices, you must overeat. It isn’t only the Thai food, which is fantastic, there is a massive presence of international cuisine, but especially from Asia, which is unbeatable.

Thailand vs. Malaysia

30 Things to do in Bangkok – The ultimate travel guide for Bangkok

Bangkok – the mega metropole in the middle of Southeast Asia, home for 15 million people and home for some of the best food in the world. In between Street food, rooftop Bars and markets, majestic temples decorate the city. One skyscraper tops the other, and you can find as cheap or as expensive places as you want. This city has absolutely everything, and there is nothing you can’t find.

Things to do in Bangkok Chinatown

30 Things to do in Bangkok – #30 Stay at Back home Backpackers Hostel

Last but not least, I got my Hostel recommendation for you. In the previous 30 days, I showed you all around Bangkok, from markets over rooftop bars, temples, and activities everything is included. But after all this action and excitement, you need a place to relax and come down. If you’re a Backpacker and on a budget like me then I highly recommend the Hostel called Back home Backpackers in the old town near to Khaosan Road.